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If you are building your own personal machine then we have the finishing touch for you...

the Adapter.

Several sizes are available in Standard and Metric measurements.












Tri Adapter Modular Toy System Power Tool Sex Machine Adapter For Reciprocating Saw and Drill Two in One 


Some call this the Fuck Saw, Fucksall, Fuc Saw... there are many names for this wonderful little item. We have the one piece version or you might be interested in our 3 piece modular system which we think is the cream of the crop. We have been told that the Tri Adapter is more versatile than what is offered elsewhere. Add an extra cone or two for your Vac-U-Lock attachment collection to help aid you in the quick change of attachments. 


Our Tri Adapter Modular Toy System is the Original and was created in 2013.

Our Tang (the vital component that attaches to the Saw) is the Strongest on the market. 


Power Tool Sex Machine Adapters offer a versatile and unique play experience like no other.

Combining the speed and intensity of power tools with one of Doc Johnson's top shelf and unique Vac-U-Lock attachments will provide an orgasmic experience one will not soon forget.



Made in the USA