This set of FOUR magnetic spheres may be small in size, but these intense balls pack some serious bite! The unique design of these nipple toys create distinct sensations that range from moderate, to painful. Start Slow. Once placed on sensitive flesh, these extremely powerful magnets begin to apply pressure. The contact surface area of each ball is quite small, helping to create a more intense, pin-pointed sensation. ** Allergen Alert: These are plated in Nickel. **


While primarily used on the nipples, they can also be used on the scrotum, foreskin, labia etc. 



A WORD OF CAUTION: - Do not swallow them. Seriously, don't even put them near your mouth. If ingested, head immediately to your nearest ER. - Do not use these if you have a pacemaker.  - Do not put them near a credit card.  - Do not allow them to crash together (it may chip the silver plating).  - Keep these magnets well hidden from children.

Magnetic Nipple Killers - Nipple Clamps