We provide high quality machine adapter parts and the reciprocating tang is crucial for a long lasting safe product.
Today we expect our devices to work on demand. We don't have time for cheap products that may fail in the middle of a very intimate pleasurable time. Shagsall's design team actively smoke tests all their products work to the highest degree.
This ad is for one reciprocating saw tang that will only fit the Shagsall reciprocating saw adapters such as the one piece which we call an RSA. It will also fit the model we call the TAS. This is a component of our modular toy system. The vac-u-lock dildo attaches to the cone of the tri-adapter three piece and the cone attaches to the drill adapter or the saw adapter. We call this the TA3 for tri-adapter 3 piece.
This design of the tang has been proven to outlast any tang on the market today. Without a tang your reciprocating saw adapter is useless. We believe that our products will service your needs well and we will do whatever we can to make sure it does.
Please contact us to discuss any issues and even success stories you may have.If you have purchased an adapter as seen in the pictures above and the Tang (part that fits in the Reciprocating Saw) has broken then you may buy the replacement tangs via this ad.
You will notice the tang we send you will have been painted black. We use this as an indicator the tang has been installed in a saw chuck.
Just like any adult stores if you open the package then the product can not be returned. 
With any tool there is always a chance it will break especially depending on the way it is used. 
We send instructions on how to use these reciprocating saw adapters so they will last longer for you.
Just a fun side note.....our tangs are so strong we have one customer that buys them to put them in his saw and then chip rust off when restoring vintage motorcycles and cars. Now that is a tough tang to be able to do that.

Replacement Tang for RSA and the Tri Adapter