Tri Adapter Modular Toy System Power Tool Sex Machine Adapter For Reciprocating Saw and Drill Two in One 




The Tri Adapter


This unique and versatile toy will be sure to wow your partner! The possibilities are endless and play time can be mild or wild. Can be used with all Doc Johnson's Vac U Lock Attachments. Don't be fooled by the imitators, we are the original Modular Toymaker.


Build Your Combo

You can add on dildos and extra cones to suit your needs and budget.



The Basic


This Modular Toy comes with three pieces:


Tip ˜ fits all Doc Johnson Vac U Lock dildos and screws into either of the adapters included with your purchase. 


Drill Adapter ˜ This adapter, combined with the "Tip", works with any cordless or electric drill for a one of a kind experience.


Shagsall Adapter ˜ The insert is made of stainless steel and attaches to your reciprocating saw. You may have to first take the pivoting shoe off the reciprocating saw. Combine this adapter with the "Tip" for an exciting new way to enhance your relationship.


All are made of industrial-grade aluminum and proudly made in the USA.



Shagsall® Modular Toy System - Tri Adapter -Build Your Combo

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